Henrik Guemoes

May 5, 2020

Henrik has worked as an A&R Manager in music business since the mid 90’s.  In the 13 years at EMI Music Pubilishing he was able to build a strong network and knowledge of the music market. Starting in 2008 this enabled him to be part of a string of very successful bands, artists and projects for record companies like Starwatch Entertainment, Warner Music, Universal and Sony Music.
Most recently Henrik has been A&R Director for the Labels RCA Deutschland and Ariola at Sony Music Germany.
Over the years he has worked with and been in charge of artists like Echt, HIM, Medina, Lena, Heino, Marquess, Queensberry, Adya Classic, Roland Kaiser, Melanie C, OMD, Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Semino Rossi and many many more. For Starwatch Entertainment Henrik was the mastermind behind one of Germany’s most successful kids music projects called Giraffenaffen.

As a consultant for TV productions he has accompanied and advised such programs as “Unser Star für Oslo – ESC”, “X Factor”, “Popstars” and “Sing wie ein Star”.