Ina Schulz

May 5, 2020

n 2006, Ina took her first steps in the music industry with an internship at DIE 4MA in Dortmund.

Shortly after working for the promotion agency DIE4MA and the legendary Hamburg label Lado (Tocotronic, Die Sterne), she met Henry Storch and supported his work for Unique Records as a product manager.
From 2011 to 2013 there was a stopover in the radio promotion department at DIE4MA. Then in 2014 she went back to Unique Records where she already got in touch with Andreas Schubert, who founded the Unique Musikverlag with Henry Storch in 2014.
In addition, Ina was responsible for project and public relations work for VUT West (Association of Independent Music Entrepreneurs) until 2020.
After Henry Storch’s death, Ina took care of Unique Records and Unique Musikverlag.
In 2020 the label was sold to Schubert Music Europe, where she still works as Head of International Product Management and Label Head of Unique Records & den Unique Musikverlag.