Publisher’s Quarterly - Sony/ATV, Kobalt & Warner Chappell Music to rank #2,#3 and #4 in market share

September 5, 2019

We are happy to hear that our long-time partners Sony/ATV, Kobalt Music and Warner Chappell Music placed in the top of market share in the year’s second quarter: Sony #1 with the share of 20,49% in the TOP 100 songs, Kobalt (#3 for the third quarter in the row) with its share in 45 out of 100 top radio songs (16.90%) and 17.79% market share in Hot 100, while Warner Chappell took 14.61% of market share in Top 100 radio songs (having a stake in 51 out of 100) and 12.92% in Hot 100.

Downtown doubled its market share over last quarter (to 2.92%) and came in sixth, while Concord made the rankings for the second consecutive quarter.

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