Queralt Lahoz joins Costa Futuro label

new signing
February 5, 2021

The music of Queralt Lahoz is crossed by latin, street and urban sounds: soul, hip hop, trap and dancehall dialogue naturally and gracefully over an aura of coplas and boleros that emerge spontaneously in a kind of irrepressible revelation of her flamenco origins and her personal landscapes.

Born in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Andalusian migration nucleus on the outskirts of Barcelona, where a large part of her family migrated from Granada, she rests on her tradition, she relies on the genealogy of the working women in her life and in her suburban childhood, to draw a flowery bridge between past, present and future, which gives her music an unmistakable character. With this combination, Queralt Lahoz defies convention and is capable of transmitting the strength and delicacy of a survivor.

Her long-awaited debut LP will be released this 2021 in a joint work between Costa Futuro and the catalan label Say it Loud.