Schubert Music Europe acquires World Music label Blue Flame

new signing
September 1, 2023

After many years of cooperation in Eastern Europe between Schubert Music Europe and the publishers Blue Flame and Global Flame Publishing, the course for an acquisition was set by both companies at the beginning of this year, and now the time had come – in addition to the existing catalog, the first new products of the Blue Flame Records label have been released by the new owner Schubert Music Europe in the meantime. These are new albums by established acts Jazzamor, Dubdiver and Christoph Spendel.

“We want to break new ground and still be independent of trends, without eluding those that are an innovative reflection of the spirit of the times” – An ambitious maxim with which the Blue Flame label has been working since its founding in 1987. Sensitivity to the right selection of artists and high-quality music releases from different styles such as World Music, Ethno, Jazz, New Instrumental Music & New Age have always been at the top of the list. When selecting this music, the creators of Blue Flame always paid attention to the creativity, independence, diversity and knowledge of the artists – this shall of course be maintained with the same care under the umbrella of Schubert Music Europe.