SMP published François Poitou: 2nd album “Le Sec et La Lune” out on May 24th

new release
April 16, 2019

You simply can’t miss this forthcoming new album release by François Poitou. After a critically acclaimed first album (ranked among the 10 jazz albums of the year 2017 of the Inrocks, chronicles in Jazz Mag, Jazz News, Citizen Jazz, The Jazz Academy , France Musique, TSF Jazz and many others …) the second one«Le sec et la lune» will be released on May, 24 2019.

Gracious and elegant music, at the crossroads between jazz and chamber music, François Poitou brings a string quartet and a Shorterian sax in an improvised reverieas cinematic as substantial“JazzNews.

Graceful and dizzily elegant, the first album of a bassist and composer already master of his means.” Louis-Julien Nicolaou, The Inrockuptibles.

Hier Aujourd’hui et Demain Francois Poitou
Le Sec et la Lune Francois Poitou
Intuition Francois Poitou
Le Silence de la Rue Francois Poitou
Discussion Francois Poitou
La Danse du Poulpe Francois Poitou
Five Steps Francois Poitou
Le Malentendu 1 Francois Poitou
Le Malentendu 2 Francois Poitou