Swedish Post-Punk rockers Then Comes Silence release brand new single on newly-found SME label Nexilis

new release
February 25, 2022

After signing an Europe-wide contract with Nexilis, a freshly found label from Schubert Music Europe, the Swedish Post-Punk group is ready to shock again with their newest material – “Rise To The Bait” is the first single from the upcoming, sixth album “Hunger” (to be released July 1, 2022). 

Nexilis label, managed by Gero Herrde, who happily joined Schubert Music Europe in 2021, mainly focuses on Alternative/Dark Rock, but will also promote various, adjacent electronical styles like Synth-Pop / Industrial.

The single, as well as the upcoming album, is 100% published by Schubert Music Publishing Hamburg.

Available on all streaming platforms. CHECK HERE