Tagua Tagua with "Inteiro Metade" live session on 30/01

January 22, 2021

On 30/01, Sao Paulo-based artist Felipe Puperi aka Tagua Tagua, signed last year by our label Costa Futuro, will present live his most recent album “Inteiro Metade”, which was released late June 2020. Felipe, with the accompaniment of a band, will perform nine tracks from the album, which will be presented in a sequence:

“The session is the execution of the live record exactly as you hear it on vinyl”, says Felipe. And he continues: “our goal was to make a visual arm that was missing from the whole experience of the album. The record is super rich in details and different moods and bringing it to the visuals, performing the songs live exactly as they are on the record, brought that missing element for the experience to be complete. This session is not a transposition of the show to the studio, quite the contrary, it is a new, minimalist and intimate creation, in which the camera walks around the stage and causes a feeling of closeness ”.

The session, recorded live in Sao Paulo late 2020, will be broadcasted online, on January 30, starting at 6 pm – we highly reccomend you joining the stream!

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