+++ THE SAT NAM SESSIONS sign deal with Blue Flame Records / Schubert Music Records (SMR) + Publishing Deal with Schubert Music Publishing (SMP) +++ new single on September 6th

new release, new signing
September 6, 2023

Just recently this year, the Schubert Music company took over the catalog of Blue Flame Records, which had been active for over 33 years. Now, with THE SAT NAM SESSIONS, you can look forward to the first new signing, both on the label and on the publishing side.
THE SAT NAM SESSIONS is the musical project of Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher Mitali Chatterjee and internationally touring musician and yoga teacher Robert Ehrenbrand. Both are not only connected by their passion for music, but also by their appreciation and love for the healing powers of mantras, which they can fully exploit with THE SAT NAM SESSIONS.
All of the duo’s previous releases were on End Hits Records.
Those and the upcoming single “12th Pauri” (to be released on September 6th, 2023 via Believe Digital) are now being managed by Blue Flame Records under the umbrella of Schubert Music Europe GmbH. In addition, Schubert Music Publishing GmbH will take over the catalog and future releases.