Welle:Erdball releases "Film, Funk & Fernsehen"

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October 7, 2022

They are the masters of minimalist electro sounds: Welle:Erdball. The band from near Hanover has been appearing as an imaginary radio station for 29 years now, informing listeners with their music about topics that they consider important. War, fun, capitalism, the power of the media – the repertoire is diverse.

Today marks the release of their new album “Film, Funk & Fernsehen” , which includes 30 (!) tracks – in the limited version that’s even over 3 hours of new audio material! 

That is because Welle: Erdball has not forgotten anything and has acquired many new facets. With the charm of a debut album and on the foundation of 30 years of experience, here is a functioning time machine that beats the listener to the dance floor with analog synthesizers, Commodore C=64 and hard New Wave Electro beats.

The new album by Welle: Erdball, “Film, Funk & Fernsehen” is published by Schubert Music Publishing GmbH, with master rights belonging to Schubert Music Europe, and is available on all streaming platforms!

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