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Schubert Music Publishing US was established in 2012 by Andreas Schubert, Mark Anders and Jeff Duncan. Within just a few months of launching, we secured the North American rights for the marvelous 10cc/Graham Gouldman catalog Man-Ken Music Ltd., which contains such classics as I’m Not In Love (10cc), The Things We Do For Love (10cc), Bus Stop (Hollies), Cry (Godley & Creme) and many more.The company has grown to include the soulful Jimi Hendrix/Curtis Knight PPX copyrights (ww), Teena Marie’s last 6 albums (ww), along with new writer singings, Greg Camp (Smash Mouth), Ministry’s From Beer to Eternity album (ww), Dave Trumfio (Wilco, Ok Go) and Christopher Paul Stelling (ww Anti Recording Artist).

Schubert Music Publishing US The catalog also contains several evergreen Goulman compositions not recorded by 10cc, including “Evil Hearted You” (Yardbirds) and “Bus Stop” (Hollies).

For the past few years the company was led by Jeff Duncan – an experienced manager at BMG Music Publishing and Mosaic Music Publishing/Stage Three Music.

Recently, in 2019, the company was taken over by Bill Murphy –  a Broadly experienced administrator for major music publishers and record companies with management background in copyright administration, licensing, audits and royalties, though he has worked in every step of the modern music publishing process. Bill has worked with companies including Bug Music, Universal Music Publishing, Universal Music Group, Virgin Records, and Pacific Electric Music Publishing.


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Ministry is an American industrial metal band founded by lead singer Al Jourgensen in 1981. Originally a new wave synth-pop outfit, Ministry changed its style to industrial metal in the late 80s. Ministry found mainstream success in the early 90s. According to Al, From Beer to Eternity, Ministry's 13th album, will be their last one. The main reason for that is the death of guitarist Mike Scaccia, couple of days after the final recording sessions  of From Beer to Eternity. In addition to producing and mixing, Jourgensen wrote all the lyrics,  and took his traditional role behind the mic and the console. Highlights: "Change of Luck", "Permawar", "Thanx But No Thanx".
Perma War Ministry
Change Of Luck Ministry
Thanx But No Thanx Ministry
Perfect Storm Ministry
The Horror Ministry
Hail To His Majesty Ministry
Lesson Unlearned Ministry
Enjoy The Quiet Ministry
Punch In The Face Ministry
Side FX Include Mikey's Middle Finger (TV4) Ministry
Fairly Unbalanced Ministry

Donnie Demers

Donnie Demers is a multi-platinum selling songwriter. Having had his songs recorded and performed all over the world by pop and classical / crossover artists to iconic musical institutions like The London Symphony and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Donnie's songs can be heard in popular American Television shows including "New Girl", "Grace and Frankie", "House of Lies" and "Masters of Sex" among others. In 2018, Donnie Demers received his first Double Platinum album for his participation on the album, Au cœur de moi by French Superstar, Amir.
Donnie Demers

Greg Camp

Greg Camp is an American Grammy Award-nominated songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. He is best known as the founding guitarist and songwriter for the rock band Smash Mouth. Camp is the primary songwriter, having penned most of the pop outfit’s multi-platinum hits including "Walking on The Sun", "All Star", "Then The Morning Comes", "Beer Goggles, Flo." and more. Recently, Smash Mouth and Car Seat Head Rest split singles and Greg is again joining Gwen Stefani in the studio to record her second, consecutive Christmas album - You Make It Feel Like Christmas.
Introduktion Greg Camp
Defektor Greg Camp
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town The Selectrics, Gina Briganti & Greg Camp
Greg Camp

Jude Smith

Inspired by class acts such as George Benson, John Mayer, and Michael Jackson, Jude Smith plays to a different tune than most. A Nashville native and multi-instrumentalist, Jude rose to Instagram-stardom through his guitar playing and musical content while showcasing his one-man-band ability - gaining over 100,000 followers in 2019. Since then, his self-produced EP's and string of singles have amassed over half a million streams, and bring to the table the timeless recipe of an irresistible melody mixed with charming instrumentation, a deep appreciation for groove and musicianship, and carefully crafted arrangements centered around his guitar playing - often being the sole performer on each track. Jude currently lives in Nashville, TN as an Artist and Music Producer.
566-5566 Jude Smith
Groove In Jude Smith
Every Part Jacquelyn Walters & Jude Smith
Jude Smith

The Carolyn Sills Combo

The Carolyn Sills Combo is the 2018 Ameripolitan Award for Western Swing Group and their new Marty Robbins-inspired album ‘Return to El Paso’ is currently nominated by The Academy of Western Artists for album of the year (along with their Group of the Year nomination). Known for their signature ‘spaghetti western swing’ style, they have been touring extensively throughout the US over the last few years, logging over 35,000 miles on their tour van. The Combo balances three part vocal harmonies with dueling guitar and non-pedal steel with witty, original songwriting. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Asleep at the Wheel, Riders in the Sky, Southern Culture on the Skids, Don Edwards and James Hand.
Feleena The Carolyn Sills Combo
I'm Not Crying, I've Just Rubbed Jalapenos In My Eyes The Carolyn Sills Combo
Big Canoe The Carolyn Sills Combo
The Carolyn Sills Combo

Kid Moxie

Kid Moxie is the musical moniker of Greek born, LA-based Elena Charbila. A blend of powerful beats, noir pop melodies and haunting soundscapes, Kid Moxie’s music is ethereal and engrossing. Kid Moxie’s musical collaborations are diverse and unexpected, from indie upstarts like Gaslamp Killer to the legendary Angelo Badalamenti, with whom she created a new version of “Mysteries of Love,” originally recorded with David Lynch and Julee Cruise on the classic Blue Velvet soundtrack. Kid Moxie has released two albums “1888” and “Perfect Shadow” and completed the soon to be released soundtrack to “Unpleasant” for Lakeshore Records. Kid Moxie tracks have received substantial international airplay, been featured on hit TV shows, in European films and in car commercial campaigns.  Her tracks have premiered on Entertainment Weekly, Vogue, Stereogum, Noisey and many more influential publications and websites.
Better Than Electric Kid Moxie
Follow The White Crow Kid Moxie
Love Poem Kid Moxie
Lacuna Kid Moxie
Shadow Heart Kid Moxie
Kid Moxie
Donnie Demers
Greg Camp
Jude Smith
The Carolyn Sills Combo
Kid Moxie

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