Schubert Music Europe GmbH

Michael-Gaismair-Strasse 112 A-6410
Telfs / Austria

Schubert Music Europe has been specifically created as a Licensing Hub to maximize the benefits we bring to our partners and own SMP offices of having one contractual party for all territories, which greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of managing all sub-publishing and administration agreements within our group. Also, looking at one of the most critical aspects of publishing business – royalty flow – it seems that the solution we have adapted works well.

Apart from that, Schubert Music Europe is also cooperating closely with the local societies in the territories of Austria and Switzerland, looking after many valuable copyrights we represent there.

Developing even further, Schubert Music Europe has recently opened a new division Schubert Music Live that aims to connect artists on SMP roster to booking agents and promoters from around the world. Operated by Jacob Bamonte, directly from London, the live department has already achieved its first goals cooperating with artists from the territories of France, UK and Germany.

Andreas Schubert CEO

Founder and the strategic leader of all company operations worldwide.

mobile +43 650 687 7722