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Founded in 2003, right after the Austrian company, and together with Hungary and Czech Republic, Schubert Music Publishing Poland has been our central administration office from the beginning, starting with only three co-workers.
Today our constantly growing Polish admin team, under the direction of COO Marta Zgrzywa, manages the copyright administration for more than 20 territories in Europe and North America, providing registration data in various formats to over 28 societies and delivering accounting on time to all clients four times a year.
It is also Poland where we have developed our own state of the art copyright administration software, enabling us to handle currently more than 4 million copyrights.
The same is true for our central music database, used for synch-license activities by all companies.

Apart from being an administration center, Schubert Music Publishing Poland is also working actively with local authors and composers, constantly expanding its roster.

Back in 2013 we also launched a completely new venture – Schubert Music Library – concentrating solely on the active work with the production music (library) repertoire we represent for the territory of Poland.


Featured authors & artists

Here is a sample of our wide range of exciting, diverse and well-experienced Polish writers.

Kasia Stankiewicz

One of the most charismatic frontwomen in the Polish market, talented singer, songwriter and a composer. Was also a co-writer of the biggest hits of Varius Manx, the band with which she sold over one million albums. The band along with Kasia recorded four studio and one concert album: "Ego", "End", "Best of Good", "Ent", "25 Live". The artist herself has four solo albums - "Kasia Stankiewicz", "Extrapop", "Mimicry", "Lucy And The Loop". For four years now, she has been on a concert tour with her native band, with whom she reconnected after a few years and it proved to be a huge success. The single from the album "ENT" "Cat without a tail" has reached platinum status and is going for another millions of listeners. SMP represents publishing rights worldwide.
Kot Bez Ogona Varius Manx & Kasia Stankiewicz
Poslaniec Swiatla Varius Manx & Kasia Stankiewicz
Orla Cien Varius Manx
Run (Remastered) Kasia Stankiewicz
Ten Sen Varius Manx
Tak Malo Jeszcze Wiesz Varius Manx
Mowia Mi Varius Manx
Lucy Stankiewicz
Schylek Lata Kasia Stankiewicz
Ksiezyc Sie Zmeczyl Varius Manx & Kasia Stankiewicz
Kasia Stankiewicz

Maciej Zieliński

Maciej Zieliński is one of the most outstanding Polish composers of his generation. His compositions encompass classical music, soundtracks, theatre music, songs and original television music. His watermark is to combine contemporary electronic sounds with traditional instruments, which makes his compositions sound original and unique. He graduated from the composition faculty of the Frederic Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw and from the Royal Academy of Music in London. He has written scores for some of the biggest Polish blockbusters of recent years (an audience of over 10 million in Poland) and independent US productions. His music has been released on nearly 30 albums. He received nominations for the Polish Film Academy Award - “Eagles” in the category “Best Music” for the scores to “The Photographer” dir. by Waldemar Krzystek (2016) and “Humble Servants” dir. by Mariusz Gawrys (2017). His contemporary classical music has been awarded at many musical contests including two international (in Czech Republic and Germany). In February 2012 he received a nomination for “Frederic” the Polish Music Industry Award in the category “Best Composer of the Year”. In 2019 he received nomination for the “New Filmmakers LA Award” in “Best Score” category.
Shining II for String Orchestra Maciej Zielinski, AUKSO Orchestra, Marek Mos
Malgosia i Janek Maciej Zielinski
Max I Leon Na Sycylii Maciej Zielinski
Pogon Maciej Zielinski
Kryminalni (czolowka) Maciej Zielinski
Maciej Zieliński

Urszula Dudziak

Urszula Dudziak is the absolute legend of polish jazz scene - an amazing vocalist, gifted with a four-and-a-half octave voice, she was dubbed „jazz singer of the year” by the Los Angeles Times in 1979.   From 1973 to 2003, she lived in New York, where she recorded dozens of albums with Michal Urbaniak for such prestigious record companies as Columbia records, Atlantic records, Arista records. She has performed or recorded albums with such artists as Nina Simone, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Bobby McFerrin, Sting, Gil Evans, Michael Brecker, Herbie Hancock or Archie Shepp, among many others.   She performed for two seasons in the Christmas musical "Bending Towards the Light' in New York alongside Lionel Hampton, Clark Terry, Dave Brubeck, among others. The project premiered at Lincoln Center's famed concert hall: the Avery Fisher Hall. The album, recorded as a duet with Adam Makowicz and released by Columbia Records, was top rated by the prestigious Down Beat magazine, receiving 5 stars. She is the co-composer of the worldwide hit musical: Papaya. Urszula received an award from the prestigious American arts institution National Endowment of Arts. She performed at the prestigious festival dedicated to Thelonious Monk at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., which was recorded and shown more than once on American television on the HBO channel. A very active and creative artist. She is the author of two books, "I'll Sing Everything to You" and "I'll Sing More to You".
Papaya Urszula Dudziak
Mosquito Urszula Dudziak
Mosquito Bite Urszula Dudziak
Chorale for One Urszula Dudziak
Mosquito Dream Urszula Dudziak
By Myself Urszula Dudziak
Funk Rings Urszula Dudziak
Darkness and Newborn Light Urszula Dudziak & Adam Makowicz
Urszula Dudziak


Yans is a Polish electronic band that mixes classic house beat with a synth sound, spatial guitars and a funk groove. It’s a mix of influences as well as ‘live’ instruments with a club set which leads to rhythmic, trance mysteries enriched by lightning and visualisations when the band performs live. It’s a fresh take on club music, but it takes inspirations from the veterans of the genre, such as GusGus, Moderat, and goes even deeper - to the 1980s and the work of synth masters, such as Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Vangelis. The name of the group refers to the 1980s and the iconic comic book co-created by a Polish cartoonist - Grzegorz Rosiński. The group was formed in 2020. Since then, they’ve managed to share their debut album ‘Atlas’ with their fans. This time, six month after the release of the album, which was dominated by instrumental tracks, the band delivers a more pop sound which is a reference to the classics of the house genre and the 1990s. At the same time, YANS doesn’t abandon the synth sound to which listeners have already become accustomed.
Infinity's Child YANS
Atlas YANS
All Up To You feat. Ptakova YANS

Wacław Zimpel

Classically trained clarinettist, composer and music producer, Zimpel made a name for himself playing free jazz with the international leaders of the scene. His versatility and compositional creativity quickly led Zimpel to explore other styles and musical traditions like: minimalism, Indian classical music or Moroccan gnawa. The New York Times called him a ‘musical chameleon’.   His solo album “Lines”, released in 2016, proved to be a landmark in his career due to his use of analogue electronic instruments, which became his new fascination. Unsurprisingly, Zimpel has swapped jazz clubs for the world’s most important electronic music festivals and collaborations with artists such as James Holden, and Shackleton.
Fen Waclaw Zimpel
Lines Waclaw Zimpel
Primal Drones Shackleton & Zimpel
Wacław Zimpel


Singer, songwriter, and musician, Mika Urbaniak, has been involved in music since the age of 11 and has been composing and performing ever since. Raised by two legendary jazz artists, Urszula Dudziak and Michal Urbaniak, pioneers of fusion jazz, she grew up in the world of music and art. Pop, jazz, and hip-hop, have been her main musical directions, although she has a highly expansive creative imagination, allowing her to experiment with various styles. "The music I love is the music that speaks to the heart, tells the truth, and gives people something to think about," says Mika. Her unique, full-of-warmth voice mesmerizes listeners. Her rhythmic, compelling, and personal rap style adds another dimension to her expressive approach. She has collaborated with Andrzej Smolik, known for creating radio hits like "OM" and "Enjoy the Sound." For years, she has been performing worldwide and sharing the stage with artists such as Lenny White, Tom Browne, Al McDowell, Richard Bona, and Hiram Bullock. She has also performed with Quincy Jones and his Big Band, gaining favorable reviews for her contributions. Her debut album, "Closer," received the prestigious Fryderyk Award for the best album in 2009. Mika collaborated with producer Victor Davies on the creation of the album "Follow You," which won the Best Pop Album award, and "Once in a Lifetime," inspired by jazz music. Their latest collaborative album, "Art Pop," features covers from the '80s and '90s in excellent arrangements.   Currently, she is working on a new album inspired by funk and hip-hop.
Pixelated Mika Urbaniak
Break Away Mika Urbaniak
After the Love Has Gone Mika Urbaniak
In My Dreams Mika Urbaniak
Kasia Stankiewicz
Maciej Zieliński
Urszula Dudziak
Wacław Zimpel

Andreas Schubert CEO

Founder and the strategic leader of all company operations worldwide.

mobile +43 650 687 7722

Marta Zgrzywa COO

Is responsible for the central office organization and integration of new partners and catalogues. Marta takes also care on the international development of the whole Schubert Music Group. Please feel free to contact her in any matter.

phone +48 22 546 96 05
mobile +48 515 234 250

Krzysztof Brejnak Head of Central Royalty Accounting

Supervises our accounting team, being responsible for reporting section as well. You can contact Krzysztof with any matters regarding all aspects of royalty distribution.

phone +48 22 546 96 00

Robert Barański Central Royalty Accounting Manager

phone +48 22 546 96 04

Róża Oremek Vice President / Creative Services

Besides being our Polish A&R, Róża co-ordinates all creative services in the central office, namely the exchange of information in the group and all international creative reporting. Roża is the right person to contact if you have some new exciting projects, writers ready for co-writes etc. Róża is also our main synch person so you can contact her with any synch requests.

mobile +48 505 055 146

Tomasz Błocki Creative Services

Tomek is responsible for musical files distribution and S-Tunes update so please send all mp3 files directly to him.

phone +48 509 151 345

Magdalena Kowalczyk Head Of Copyright

Heads our copyright team, taking care on CRM for all affiliates in the central office in Warsaw. All copyright issues should be addressed to her as well as all official notifications, contract copies etc.

phone +48 601 156 902

Marta Żukowska Copyright Manager

phone +48 22 546 96 00

Katarzyna Jurys Central Copyright

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Katarzyna Zdziebłowska Central Copyright

phone +48 696 552 338

Michał Marciniewski Copyright Assistant

phone + 48 601 400 643

Paweł Strach Copyright Manager/Income Tracking

Is responsible for the development of income tracking systems within SMP group, analysing, streamlining and reporting on different revenue streams.

phone +48 22 546 96 00

Agata Marciniewska Income Tracking Assistant

+48 22 546 96 00

Paweł Nowakowski Programming (S-Count)

phone +48 22 546 96 00

Mariola Świderska Head of Financial/Bookkeeping

Oversees all financial operations of the central office and the group. She is the right contact person in any tax or other financial questions.

phone +48 22 546 96 00

Marzena Masłowska Schubert Music Library

phone +48 515 946 996