Over 30 professionals meet at Schubert Music Publishing and together they bring years of experience in all major disciplines of music business. Throughout all the years working in music publishing we found or created our own ways of cooperation with labels, managers, radio and TV stations, advertising agencies, copyright societies and other music professionals.


Our overall purpose is to meet our Authors’ and Partners’ expectations, which are changing as fast as the music business is. So, the strategy of Schubert Music Publishing is aimed at being able not only to satisfy their needs but also to anticipate them. In practice it means being quick, correct and accurate and this is exactly the kind of service we are trying to provide


We deliver value based solutions at various fields of music publishing business so that to be able to answer our Partners needs. That may include providing administrative support, advice, guidance as well as full software solutions for copyright and royalty administration and creative work with music. For more details check services menu where you will learn more about the things we can do for you.


Reserved campaign with beautiful Cindy Crawford and the song "Situation" by Yazoo as the background
The newest Reserved's campaign is a tribute to the inimitable supermodel, Cindy Crawford. LPP, the owner of the brand, decided to use "Situation" by Yazoo as the background. Schubert Music represents 50% publishing rights of the song.


"Katchi" (Todd Michael Bridges / Nick Waterhouse) in campaign of Melvit - Trendy Lunch Box, Poland 2018
Hungry? No time for cooking? Trendy Lunch Box is here! It's a natural mix of groats, dry vegetables and spices, from which you can quickly prepare lunch, salat or food for work.
In promotional video of the product you can hear cover of the song "Katchi", written by Nick Waterhouse and Todd Bridges.